Stroke Association

Event identity and promotional material


The Stroke Association is a charity based in the UK. It works to prevent stroke and to support those touched by the issue.

As part of 'Action on Stroke Month' the Stroke Association, in partnership with The University of Manchester, launched an event entitled Science Stroke Art. The aim of the event was to capture people's imaginations and highlight the issue of stroke via talks, theatre, storytelling, art and science.

I was tasked with the role of creating the identity for the event and began by looking closely at the issue and causes of a stroke.

Understanding that a stroke often affects one particular side of the brain, I used this information to create a modern identity which could be split vertically through the centre. The left hand side type is made up of angled lines whilst the right side is simpler and easier to read. 

The split type is used on all material and can often only be read fully when two pieces of print are placed side by side. 

As well as print materials, an event website was also designed where the public could easily see which events were taking place on any particular day.