Quays Culture

Poster design for World War One event in Salford


Quays Culture contacted me asking if I would create an identity and poster campaign for ‘Honour’, a one day large-scale outdoor music, art and dance event to be held in Salford this August.

The event is a chance for audiences to reflect on the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of World War One.

The notion of ‘standing together’ both during the war and also during the event itself was to be a consideration.

Therefore I decided to create a style that focused heavily on the title itself. The rectangular shapes behind the letters tesselate to create an interesting and striking backdrop. I decided to use a typeface with sharp edges and mirror that in the shapes themselves. This gave a small glimpse into the painful and harrowing nature of war, without any of the obvious imagery we have been subjected to over the years. The different shapes also take reference from the Union Jack flag.