Design Manchester

Design exhibition


I was asked to be part of a new design exhibition which took place in Manchester during the summer of 2013.

The theme was 'longevity' and each participant was asked to collaborate with someone from a different creative sector. 

I worked together with Tim Denton and we set about answering the brief of what longevity meant to us. We decided to try to understand why some people live longer than others and so approached 'Chorlton Good Neighbours' in order to ask a group of the older generation the secrets to a long and fulfilling life.

These unique answers provided us with the basis for our interactive display. Tim hand crafted a series of different wooden shaped stamps and I designed some unique typography for the various quotations. 

We invited people to make their own postcards on the launch night using these different stamps and encouraged them to post the cards to younger friends and family. Therefore continuing the passing of knowledge and advice from an older generation.